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MR 18

Midas MR18 Rackmount Digital Mixer Features:

18-channel digital mixer with onboard DSP and wireless control

16 Midas Pro microphone preamplifiers deliver transparent gain

40-bit floating-point digital encoding provides 112dB of dynamic range

Full 18-channel audio interface for recording and playback

Dugan-style auto mixing flawlessly manages microphone levels

Onboard DSP includes 4 independent effects processors

Full dynamics and EQ available for stereo master and all 6 aux buses

Choose from 6-band parametric or 31-band graphic equalizer types

Ultranet accommodates Behringer Powerplay P16 personal mixer/distribution systems

Integrated tri-mode Wi-Fi router for secure and stable wireless connections

Free iOS and Android apps let you take full control of your mix

Free software and Ethernet connectivity offers Mac, Windows, and Linux PC control

Add tactile control via any MIDI/USB control surface

Includes rackmount ears for standard 19" equipment racks